Who are we?

Kite Up is a network administration group for top-managers, leaders and companies specialized in the exploitation of virtual professional networks.

As it happens with most of our clients, you think you do the basics upon singing up to LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo without realising that it is almost as efficient as being listed on the yellow pages. There are today more than 450 professional profiles in LinkedIn : how could you stand out among all ?

You think « that’s it » since you have reached the famous « 500+ » links in LinkedIn without noticing that most of them will be useless unless exploited subject to a specific purpose.

Your natural reluctancy – or the simple feeling that it works for nothing – will refrain you from standing out by visiting the good communities and staying active in them on a regular basis.
Do you find yourself in this description ? We can do a lot for you !

The personal branding (promotion of an individual or a company and their image as if they were a brand) together with the virtual networking (creation and exploitation towards a virtual network of professional relations) are however two specialties on themselves in the United States, which are like being before a train. For instance, the recruitment experts – individuals or within a company – exploit the social networks to a great extent, though : their research is global, targeting with their searching engines specific components that should be visible on the potential candidate’s profiles should they want to be hunted. A candidate with no profile will never be contacted whereas a candidate lacking of an attractive profile may be analysed but not retained.

In their turn, candidates may enlarge their research for opportunities within five continents or on the contrary, target it based on the specific characteristics found on the company’s profiles, not only within their activity scope or location.

With regards to companies (not only those expert in new technologies), creation and spreading of a strong virtual identity as well as the exploitation of social networks for the development of their activities are of paramount importance, specially within their first years of existance. In any event, the good exploitation of virtual professional networks is a key factor to success.