Our services

Services to individuals

Kite Up services may be provided as punctual interventions. Based on specific needs or within frames of long-term accompanying cycles, from 3 weeks to 3 months, adapted to the job searching task or the promotion of the professional e-reputation, including training sessions, practical excercises and weekly individual interviews.

  • Career analysis allowing to define the essencial items in your new virtual professional profile.
  • Definition of target market characteristics : nature, geography, master competences, competitors
  • Creation of your valued LinkedIn profile
  • Definition of useful groups and communities
  • Training on virtual networking and the exploitaition of communities
  • Training on the job-opportunities, partners and business searching on LinkedIn

Services to companies

Kite Up services are provided to companies of all sizes, with adapted and customized programs

  • Start Up : Personal branding of founders, company’s e-reputation management, this 3 to 6 month-long programs allow the implementation of a company vision and a true communication strategy based on the micro-marketing rules. This Start Up program is totally customized.
  • Companies of all sizes : Training programs using LinkedIn, e-reputation management of top leaders… these programs are provided by means of workshops, seminars or conferences.