Our services

Personal Services

Kite Up's services can be provided in the form of ad hoc interventions on a particular need, or in the context of long support cycles, 3 weeks to 3 months, adapted to job search or professional e-reputation, including training sessions, practical exercises, and weekly individual interviews.

  • Career analysis to define and value the key points of your new virtual professional profile
  • Definition of the target market's characteristics: nature, geography, leading companies, core skills, competition
  • Creation of your enhanced LinkedIn profile
  • Targeted development strategy for your personal network
  • Definition of useful groups and communities
  • Training in virtual networking and community exploitation
  • Training in publishing
  • Training in looking for job opportunities, partners, and business on LinkedIn
  • Training in recruitment interviews, be they virtual or in person

Business Services

For Managers

  • General training in the use of LinkedIn
  • Optimization (or creation) of personal and company profiles
  • Targeted network development management
  • Managing targeted memberships to relevant groups

Management of the Company's E-Reputation

  • Definition of the strategic communication objectives
  • Optimization (or creation) of the Company Page
  • Definition of potential customer targets by product
  • Identification of relevant groups and membership procedures
  • Subcontracted management of activity on LinkedIn (posts, publications, shares...)

Training Programs, General or Thematic, on the Use of LinkedIn For Executives, Communication Managers, HR Managers

  • Targeted communication and promotion
  • Finding new clients
  • Competition monitoring
  • Candidate identification and selection
  • Use and management of groups

Kite Up's services to businesses are tailor-made, based on strategic goals set by executives. They can be delivered in the form of occasional interventions (workshops, in person seminars, or webinars) or in the form of annual subscriptions.