About us

Kite Up is a firm specialized in communication on professional social networks for executives (personal branding, job hunting, networking strategy) and companies (company branding, e-reputation, talent search).

  • Are you a senior executive looking to change company, or maybe get noticed on social networks, "just in case"?

    • Like most of our clients, you probably think that by registering on LinkedIn, you've done what you can, without realizing that it is about as effective as being in a phone book. There are more than 600 million professional profiles on LinkedIn today: how can you be distinguished?
    • You think that because you've reached "500+" connections, there's nothing else to do? You don't realize that most of them are useless if not exploited for a specific purposed.
    • Does your natural hesitation - or simply the feeling that it is useless - prevents you from getting noticed by frequenting and being active in the right communities?

    If you recognize yourself in this description, we can do a lot for you.

  • Personal branding (promotion of an individual and his image as if it were a brand) and virtual networking (creation and oriented exploitation of a virtual network of professional relations) are now two specialties in their own right in the United States who is, as often, ahead of innovation. Recruitment specialists - whether in firms or companies - now use social networks as a priority: their research is globalized, targeting with their search engines specific skills that must be visible in the profiles of potential candidates who want to be found.
    A candidate without a profile will never be contacted, a candidate without an attractive profile will be analyzed but not selected.
    For their part, candidates can expand their search for opportunities to five continents, or instead target it based on specific characteristics of the profiles of companies and not just their field of activity or their location.

  • What's true for a senior executive is even more important for business: Company Branding has become a key part of their brand awareness and reputation through the broadcast of messages carrying a specific and strong virtual identity. In addition, the exploitation of professional social networks offers opportunities that it would be a pity not to use:

    • Competition monitoring: what are your competitors doing, and how? Target them, follow them, it's fast, it's free!
    • Commercial information: do you win a prize? are you launching a new product? Make it known in real time to the community of professionals you have targeted in a very specific way, for example by creating a private group on LinkedIn.
    • Attraction and talent selection: get noticed by possible future high-potential employees, make them want to join you, select them using their personal profile. In a hurry? Select the members who meet your criteria and contact them directly, wherever they are in the world, on LinkedIn...

    Regardless of the size and age of your business, using virtual professional networks has become a key success factor at a negligible cost.